Warranty Policy

SOOQOO Products

SOOQOO products are supplied with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects that may occur, outside of usual wear and tear. A replacement unit will be issued or an alternative if the item is discontinued.

Custom Products

For all parts sold where custom work was done, for example forged carbon or matte carbon parts, these are sold at the customer's own risk. This means we cannot offer any refunds, returns, exchanges or credit if you no longer need or want the part. Due to the nature of custom work, we do not hold stock of them as we order them on a case by case basis. For any other queries please get in touch with our customer support team via email.

Product Fitment Guarantee

We unfortunately cannot claim any responsibility for unforeseeable mishaps resulting from product fitment by our customers. An example of this would include products that are bonded with glue to your vehicle exterior or interior and over time the product falls off during use, and either gets lost or damaged. In this case we can offer a replacement part based on the customer situation.

If you are based in the countries with our resellers, we recommend you letting our resellers fit products for you by our team or other approved fitting garage for the best results. If not, we can only provide advice, but all risk then falls on the customer as we cannot control how they install our products.

Associated Labour Costs

Our products that we sell are only guaranteed against manufacturing defects for the period of ownership of the product whilst installed to the vehicle. Please retain your original invoice, receipt or your order confirmation email as proof of purchase for the specific product should the need arise to claim against the guarantee.

Should a defect occur with the product during use, please contact our team via email who will advise you of the necessary steps to take. If the fault in the product is found to be due to defective materials or manufacture, we will repair or replace the defective part(s) free of charge.

This guarantee does not cover any shipping costs or labour fees incurred during the removal and refitting of the product(s), or any loss or damage caused by such defect. We can only replace a defective product(s) but not reimburse you for any labour costs associated with the installation of the original product(s).

This guarantee is not transferable and covers only the original purchaser of the product(s).

As a standard all SOOQOO products listed on our website will come with a minimum 6-month warranty, unless otherwise stated in the product description or above. You will receive a warranty card with your order for the product(s) supplied.

To have a successful warranty claim, please read the following terms below to ensure your warranty claim is valid:

Have the warranty card which was supplied with the product(s).
The product(s) have been deemed correctly fitted to your car by SOOQOO.
A manufacture’s defect is present and not an issue caused by the customer.
A product that we believe was supplied by us. We cannot assist with a product that was not sold by us directly to you.